Privacy Policy

This website belongs to the University of Évora (“U. Évora”). We believe in respecting our users’ privacy, thus we kindly ask you to attentively read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

This Privacy Policy determines the principles followed by U. Évora regarding the use of personal and non-personal data we might gather from our website users. By proceeding with the navigation of this site, you agree with these Policy and Terms. We bring attention to the fact that this policy may be sporadically revised, and thus it is our users’ responsibility to keep themselves up to date with it upon every visit to this website.

Data gathering and Personal and Non-personal Data Usage

U. Évora does not gather personal identification data through this website. All sensitive personal information in our possession was voluntarily bestowed upon us by means of our publicly announced contacts. This information is used solely by U. Évora and its employees, and will not be shared with third-parties without previous notice and clear consent. Any personal identification information held by U. Évora is used for answering requests from our users only.

All information gathered directly on this website is of non-personal nature, which means we cannot identify our users through it. This information consists of estimate location and origin of access, web browser and language preference and visited pages. We use this data for service optimization only, and reiterate that it cannot be used to track down or identify our users personally.

Cookie Policy

This website uses Cookies. Cookies are small files stored in your device’s hard drive through your web browser. These files keep some of the information regarding your browsing preferences from getting lost each time you access our website or a different page within it, allowing for a faster browsing experience. Cookies cannot be used to identify our users, and they may be deleted anytime a user wishes to do so using their preferred web browser’s tools.

Personal Data Security

U. Évora adopts internal data protection measures as to secure your information. We do not share any personal information with third-parties unless expressly allowed or clearly requested to do so.

In case of a security breech which might endanger any user’s information held by us shall be duly notified to the National Commission of Protection within 75 hours, as well as the users who might be affected by it.

Access to Personal Information

All of our website users, as well as anyone who has voluntarily shared their own personal identification details with us, might at anytime request a copy of the aforementioned information, or even its complete removal from our data-base. To proceed with any of these requests, we kindly ask that you do so through this e-mail address.

Applicable Law

This Privacy Policy, as well as the gathering and handling of Personal Data, are governed by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and by other relevant law and regulation in force in Portugal regarding Data Protection.


Last Updated on July 3rd 2018