NEWSOL Objectives

NEWSOL project addresses the specific challenge towards high efficiency solar energy harvesting by advanced materials solutions and architectures that are in line with those specified in SET-plan (insert link to EU website on subject). Its main objective is to develop advanced materials solutions based on innovative storage media and concepts for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) up to validation in field of their performance by real time monitoring. This will be supported by an innovative thermal energy storage design based on the combination of new functional and advanced materials, like heat thermal fluid, sensible and latent energy storage media and insulating materials, into two innovative plant architectures: single tank thermocline storage and concrete type module.

The main challenges of NEWSOL are the development of two new system Architectures: I) Thermocline Concrete Tank, (combining sensible and latent heat up to 550ºC), and II) Concrete module tank (sensible heat up to 550ºC). (See TES page on these concepts) The scope to fulfil the challenges is to validate four new advanced materials: 1) High thermal performance concrete (including carbon nanostructures), 2) Molten Salts (including nanoparticles), and 3) Filler Material re-usage.

From the careful combination of the materials solutions within the two concept solutions six high relevant impacts are expected: a) Reduced LCOE,10-12cEuro/kWh via higher material performance, b) New designs that enable a reduction of CAPEX and OPEX, c) Increase material understanding enabling long term performance, d) Deployment of high tech monitoring technologies included in the demo activities, e) Environmental re-usage of materials, and g)Through innovative materials, higher world market penetration of European materials supply sector.

Moreover, investments foreseen at prototype level will be integrated into the Évora Molten Salts Platform site (EMSP.s) (See Demonstration site page), part of the European Research Infrastructure Network, a research-enabling platform EU-Solaris, thus, NEWOL legacy will be a strength for the future of the European Renewable Energy Industry.