NEWSOL project addresses the specific challenge towards high
efficiency solar energy harvesting by advanced materials solutions and architectures that are in line with those specified in SET-plan.

Its main objective is to develop advanced materials solutions based on innovative storage media and concepts for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) up to validation in field of their performance by real time monitoring. This will be supported by an innovative thermal energy storage design based on the combination of new functional and advanced materials, like heat thermal fluid, sensible and latent energy storage media and insulating materials, into two innovative plant architectures: single tank thermocline storage and concrete type module.

The main challenges of NEWSOL are: Develop to new system Architectures:
I) Thermocline Tank, (combining sensible and latent heat up to 550ºC), and
II) Concrete module tank for existing plants (sensible heat up to 550ºC).

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News & Events

Preparation of the solar field site

news | 05 Jul 2017
First common undertaking: the set-up of the Évora Molten Salt Platform (EMSP) in Portugal.
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Project kick-off meeting January 2017 in Brussels

news | 13 Jul 2017
Project kick-off meeting took place on the 24-25th January 2017 in Brussels.
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